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High Quality Powerpoint Presentation with our Stylish Wireless Products

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Our Powerpoint Presenters are ideal tools for Corporations, Offices, Schools and Educational Institutions, Organizations and Training Facilities, interested in innovative, high quality and stylish products. Please see below some of the products we offer:

  • Projector Servers - 802.11g Wireless VGA Projector Server Ideal for Business Meetings and Presentations
  • Wireless USB Presenter up to 90ft - wireless mouse, laser pointer, and PowerPoint presentation controller in one handy unit

Powerpoint Presenter - Wireless Mouse, Laser Pointer, and PowerPoint Presentation Controller in one Handy Unitpowerpoint-usb-presenter

  • Our Powerpoint Presenters consist of a receiver, which connects to a USB port on your computer, and a hand-held transmitter with a built-in touchpad mouse, laser pointer and PowerPoint control buttons. The laser pointer has a range of up to 120ft whilst the wireless mouse and PowerPoint controls can function at distances of up to 90ft.
  • Furthermore, with its Omni-directional 2.4GHz RF technology, you don't even have to aim the transmitter at the receiver, giving you true freedom to roam.
  • Our Powerpoint USB Presenter is ideal for presentations, the controller functions in the same way as PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts - 3-in-1 AV Presentation tool, Includes controls for 'Page Up' & 'Page Down', 'Esc' and 'Alt + Tab'
  • Easy Plug & Play installation

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Projector Server - allows you to connect your computer to your projector (or monitor) via a Wireless LAN or Ethernet network connection

  • Ideal for use with PowerPoint business meetings and other presentation applications
  • For multimedia use, its advanced design also supports streaming audio and video.


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