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HDMI, DVI, VGA, Audio, USB, FireWire, SAS, SATA, Fiber Optic, Cat6a and more

We manufacture and supply IT resellers, businesses, local authorities, schools, colleges and home users with high quality Audio Video, Computer and Networking Cables and Electronic Equipment. From the simplest USB cables to the most advanced KVM switches; from network cabling solutions to the latest HDTV accessories, our name stands for product quality, choice, value for money and excellent customer service. Please see below some of our products.


6104Guitar Cables, Guitar Cable to USB - 15ft USB Music Instrument Cable
25112Fiber Optic Converter for Gigabit Ethernet , 1000BaseT (copper) RJ45 to 1000BaseSX (fiber) SC, Multimode Fiber
31519Serial Extension Cables - 6ft Serial Extension Cable (9 Pin Male to 9 Pin Female)
31551VGA Cables - 6ft VGA Cable, Standard Monitor Cable (15HD Male/15HD Male)
31552VGA Cable - Standard VGA Monitor Cable (15HD Male/15HD Male)
31645USB Cables - USB A to B Cable, Grey
31647USB 2.0 Cable - USB A to B Cable, Grey
32390KVM Extender up to 600ft - Combo PS/2 and serial mouse ports Supported
32397KVM Extender - Extender Smart - Control your PC, server or KVM switch from a keyboard, mouse and monitor at distances of up to 500 feet
32407Video Splitter - Supports VGA, SVGA, XVGA, and Multi-sync monitors, Internal, 2 Port
32447DVI Splitter Box, 2 Port, Connects your computer to 2 DVI-D enabled displays or projectors
32499Projector Servers - 802.11g Wireless VGA Projector Server Ideal for Business Meetings and Presentations
32537VGA Extenders via Cat5 - 900ft VGA Extender over CAT5/CAT5e
32555Video Converters - Composite Video and S-Video to VGA Converter
32562DVI to VGA Converters- DVI-D to VGA/RGB/Component Video Converter
32566VGA To TV Converter - Connects your VGA equipped PC, Mac or other device to a TV or Projector
32571VGA Splitters - 2 Port VGA Splitter, 450MHz, 15HD Male (input) and 15HD Female (output)
32572VGA Splitter Boxes - 4 Port VGA Splitter, 450MHz, supports high resolution VGA signals of up to 2048 x 1536 (QXGA)
32576DVI Extenders - DVI Extender over CAT5e/CAT6, transmits DVI signals over distances of up to 270ft
32585VGA Switch Box - 2 Port VGA Auto Switcher
32586VGA Switches - 2 Port VGA + Audio Switch
32596HDMI 1080p Video Upscaling - HDMI 1080p Switch with Remote Control - Supports Composite Video, S-Video, VGA, Component Video (HD), and HDMI inputs
32834Wireless USB Presenter up to 90ft - wireless mouse, laser pointer, and PowerPoint presentation controller in one handy unit
35210Toslink Cables - 1.5ft SPDIF Digital Optical Cable
35212SPDIF Digital Optical Cable - TosLink Cable
35241SPDIF Cable - Premium Gold Digital Optical TosLink Cable
37233VGA Extenders - Premium Gold SVGA Monitor Extension Cable, 30ft (15HD Male/15HD Female)
37234VGA Extension Cables - Premium Gold SVGA Monitor Extender Cable, (15HD Male/15HD Female)
37747VGA Cables - Premium Gold VGA Cable, (15HD Male/15HD Male Gold Plated)
37250SVGA Cables - Premium Gold S-VGA Monitor Cable, (15HD Male/15HD Male)
37251SVGA Cable - Premium Gold S-VGA Monitor Cable, (15HD Male/15HD Male)
37254SVGA Cable Assemblies - Premium Gold S-VGA Monitor Cable, (15HD Male/15HD Male)
37344SVGA Cable - Premium S-VGA Monitor Cable, Grey
37372SVGA Cables - Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37373Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37375SVGA Cables - 15ft Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37377Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37378SVGA Cables - 45ft Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37379SVGA Coaxial Cables with Heavy Shielding- 60ft Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male), Black
37571VGA Extensions - VGA Extender over CAT5e or higher cable, 150ft
38001HDMI Extensions over Category 5e / Category 6 Cables - HDMI CAT5e/6 Extender 100ft
38003Fiber HDMI Extender, 900ft, HDMI Extension over Fiber - works with 1 SC duplex multimode (50/125) fiber optic cable
38010HDMI Splitters and Transmitters - CAT5e/CAT6 HDMI Splitter and Transmitter with 8 Ports
39390KVM Extender - Combo PS/2 and serial mouse ports supported
41102HDMI to DVI-D Cable, Black
41214VGA Cable - VGA Splitter Cable, VGA Male to 2 x VGA Female
41215DVI Splitter Cables - DVI Dual Link Splitter Cable, DVI-D Male to 2 x DVI-D Female
41222DVI to VGA Adapter Cable - DVI-A (Analogue) to VGA Female, 0.6ft
41238DVI to DVI Cable - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI cable, 1.5ft
41240DVI Cable - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI cable
41241DVI to DVI Cables - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI cable
41242DVI Cable - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI cable
41260Extra Long DVI Cables - Premium DVI-D Single Link, Extra Long DVI cable
41261Long DVI Cables - Premium DVI-D Single Link, Extra Long DVI cable
41262Long DVI Cable, 60ft - Premium DVI-D Single Link, Extra Long DVI cable
42802USB Extension Boxes - CAT5 USB Extender with 4 Port USB 1.1 Hub
42805USB Extension Cable - CAT5 USB Extender (Up to 150ft)
42817USB 2.0 Slimline Active Extension Cable, 15ft USB2 Repeater Cable, Type A USB Male to Type A USB Female
42855USB to RS232 Serial Adapter - DB9 Male to USB A Male, 4.5ft
42866USB to PS2 Cable - Converter Cable from a single USB port to PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
42868USB to SATA Cables - USB 2.0 to SATA and IDE Drive Adapter
42886USB 2.0 Video and Audio Grabber - Transfer full motion video and audio to your hard drive for Storage, Copying and Editing
42902USB Switch - USB 2.0 AutoSwitch, 2 Port
42961USB 2.0 Audio Adapter with easily Accessible Microphone and Headphone Sockets - Ideal for gaming, watching movies, listening to music or Skype and other Voice over IP applications
42983USB to VGA Converters - USB 2.0 to VGA Adapter
42998USB Hub - 4 Port USB 2.0 Smart Hub, Bus Powered
42999USB Hubs - 4 Port USB Hub, 2.0 Smart Pro with Power Supply
51500FireWire Card - 2 Port, Ideal for connecting FireWire peripherals, such as DV camcorders, scanners, and drive housings to your notebook

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