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USB Extension Boxes- CAT5 USB Extender with 4 Port USB 1.1 Hub


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Extends your USB devices up to 150ft

This useful device allows you to extend the distance between your USB Peripherals and your computer by up to 150ft, using inexpensive CAT5 or higher cable.

It comprises a local unit, which must connected directly (not via a hub) to a USB port on your computer, and a remote unit with a built-in bus-powered USB 1.1 hub for connecting up to 4 peripherals. CAT5 or higher network patch cable (not included) is required to connect the two units together.

  • Extends USB peripherals up to 150ft via CAT5 or higher cable
  • USB 1.1 compatible
  • USB 2.0 devices can also be connected, but with Full Speed 12Mbps support only
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • Local unit connects directly to your computer
  • Remote unit features a built-in 4 port USB 1.1 hub to connect your peripherals
  • Compatible with all major USB enabled operating systems
  • Connectors:
    • Local unit: Type A USB Male (with 35cm cable), RJ-45 Female
    • Remote unit: 4 x Type A USB Female, RJ-45 Female, DC jack socket (2.5/5.5mm diameter)
  • Dimensions (each unit): 100 x 70 x 23mm (WxDxH)

Please note: Standard CAT5, 5e or 6 network cable can be used with this product but is not included and must be purchased separately. We supply suitable CAT5e and 6 cable in different lengths and colours.

Additional Information

Connecting additional USB hubs

Further USB hubs can also be connected but the maximum cable distance is reduced by 30ft for each hub. An optional power supply in conjunction with a DC Adapter Cable has to be connected to the hub, for self-powered operation, as soon as the connected devices require more than 250mA of current from the USB bus.

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